SuperContractor | Chosing a Domain Name for a Construction Business
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Chosing a Domain Name for a Construction Business

Chosing a Domain Name for a Construction Business

Construction-related businesses should consider a domain name that has at least one of the following elements, but not all three:

1.) Keywords that pertain to your legal or well-known business name
2.) Keywords for your type of business, eg concrete, landscaping, excavation, framing, tile
3.) Keywords that relate to your city or regional location

Now a domain name that used all three of these suggestions would probably be too long, for example, “” will be difficult to say over the phone if someone asks for your website.  A better domain name in this case is probably “”

Work with the three keyword suggestions above and you’ll find something that sounds right and is meaningful to your clients.

It is also suggested that you stick with a domain name that ends in “.com” and not “.net” or another odd ending.  People are less likely to get it wrong if you use “.com”

For the aggressive marketer out there…we recommend staying away from buying too many domain names and focus more on getting great photos and descriptions on your primary website.

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